Does Win98 support WiFi PCMCIA Cards?

  Taff36 19:34 15 May 05

Old Windows 98 First Edition on a laptop but I want to connect it temporarily to a WiFi Router. Will it work?

  TomJerry 21:12 15 May 05

a ebuyer card £9.39 says win98 support click here

  Taff36 21:40 15 May 05

I have a card as well but it specifically says 98SE - At least your link suggests it is possible. But do they mean 98SE in the advert?

Can anyone definitively say they are running Win98 with a WiFi Card?

  TomJerry 23:07 15 May 05

you can find that there is user using win98

check your card's web site to see if you can get win98 driver

  TomJerry 23:13 15 May 05

get a wireless bridge (wireless Ethernet adapter) and connect your win98 lappy to it via Ethernet port

ASUS WL330B 11MBPS WIRELESS NETWORK ACCESS POINT (M004300) £23.44 click here

  Taff36 23:38 15 May 05

Thanks for that. I hadn`t read on as you did. I will see if I can find a 98 driver for the card I`ve got but you`ve answered my question. Cheers.

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