Does uploading slow Internet connection???

  jf 17:39 29 Jun 03

A nice easy one I hope...

I'm on a standard 56K dial-up so my connection is already pretty slow. I use p2p transfer programs like Kazaa and WinMX to download music and other files. When downloading off other users my Internet connection slows down considerably.

What I'd like to know is does the same apply when uploading, that is when another user downloads a song off me? I've tried to monitor whether my connection slows down when another user is downloading a file but Internet conditions fluctuate so much anyway it's hard to tell!

I've looked in the program help menus and their abit fuzzy on the subject...for obvious reasons!! Please help

  DieSse 17:47 29 Jun 03

Yes, it's nice and easy - downloading and uploading will use a fair old chunk of your line bandwidth - so anything else you want to do at the same time will slow down.

  Valvegrid 17:50 29 Jun 03

To say nothing of all the other paraphernalia of Trojan horses and spyware wanting a bit of the Cherry on you bandwidth as well.

  Valvegrid 17:53 29 Jun 03

bit of the Cherry on you = Bite of the Cherry on your


  Josquius 18:00 29 Jun 03

Yeah uploading with a 56k on kazaa sucks, you can switch off uploading on kazaa though. Oh and get kazaa lite instead.

  jf 21:01 29 Jun 03

that's great thanx. no more sharing then untill i get broad band!!

  Stuartli 23:33 29 Jun 03

Uploading is slower than downloading - if memory serves me right it's a maximum of 33.6kbps on dialup.

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