does router really need to be connected to p.c?

  spook08 09:05 19 May 08

just checking if anyone knows if wi-fi router (Netgear DG834G 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Router) actually needs to be connected to a pc or can just be connected to the laptop by itself?

i.e p.c upstairs left on it's own modem, instead of connecting modem-router to p.c just connect to laptop i.e downstairs in bt socket and powerpoint and then remove ethernet cable?
As don't really want to file share between the 2 just access the web on the laptop via wi-fi.
thanks again in advance for any comments on this

  woodchip 09:39 19 May 08

You can connect by Ethernet or Wireless once you have setup Wireless, You do not need to have Ethernet cable connected once WiFi is active and setup

  daxian 09:40 19 May 08

hi spook08....
you can only have one "adsl modem/router" on one line
at the same time , you can switch between the two but it means disconnecting one or the other .
if its just wiring/cable that is bothering you then make both wifi .... usb dongles for wireless are cheap enough and simple to set up .
once the setup is done ethernet cables can be disconnected .hope this helps.Dave.

  tullie 10:18 19 May 08

Of course if your computer hasent got a wireless card,then its only by cable connextion.

  spook08 11:22 19 May 08

So just to clarify- the pc and laptop cannot be on seperate modems without having to disconnect either one.
Basically i don't have any need for pc to be wireless just the laptop, so it looks like i have to install the modem-router in the place of the current modem on the pc(sagem tiscali broadband) and have them both wireless?

  daxian 11:27 19 May 08

hi again.....
that is the best option ...Dave

  daxian 11:31 19 May 08

hi again ...
if you move the router to the pc and you dont need to be wireless then use the ethernet cable on the pc and just use the laptop wireless will save money and work ok ...Dave

  spook08 11:37 19 May 08

thanks dave will try that one, as it sounds the closest to what i am looking for.

  anchor 15:59 19 May 08

I have the same Netgear wireless router which is connected to the PC with the Ethernet cable.

Being wireless, I can use my notebook in the house whether the PC is switched on or not. The router is on all the time.

  spook08 17:07 19 May 08

is your pc also wireless or just your laptop, because i was wondering if there is a way to turn off the wireless part on the pc and just have it for the laptop alone?

  anchor 08:59 20 May 08

No, my PC is not wireless; as I said, it is connected to the the router by an Ethernet cable. There is no wireless connection to the PC.

Unless your PC is a long way from the router, you don`t need wireless for it. An Ethernet connection is faster.

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