Does RAM affcet internet speed

  VNAM75 02:12 17 Dec 09

I have an old pc running on a celeron 1ghz cpu and 256mb ram. However it can be quite slow opening some web pages even though its connected to 10mb cable broadband. I have cleaned the temporay files and registry and it runs fine on normal programs.

If I doubled ram to 512mb, would it improve internet performance?

  julius44 06:16 17 Dec 09

Hi this should answer your questions:
click here

Seems the answer is no, but certain programs on your pc would load faster, but the speed of your internet depends on your ISP. Do u have cable broadband or with a non-cable company?

  KremmenUK 06:52 17 Dec 09

It can depend on what is happening on your PC. Some internet activity involves writing and readin local files.

If your PC is doing an AV scan for example the internet will be slower during the process.

As stated above, the more RAM, the quicker these other processes will complete and give you back performance sooner.

  VNAM75 13:46 17 Dec 09

Thanks, I'll just stick in extra ram. 256mb seems too low these days even for the most basic tasks.

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