Does mobo have to have a fan on northbridge

  Sisha 10:26 17 Apr 04

I have a Soltek series SL-75 MRN motherboard with the NVIDIA NFORCE2 IGP North bridge chipset, which seems to do the job fine except for one thing.
The fan that is attached to the heat sink on the north bridge is really noisy during startup. The noise gradually goes away but it’s a real pain.

I believe the reason for the fan is because the mobo is designed for overclocking (Something I don’t do).

The question is; Is it safe to just remove the fan and leave the hestsink on the chip?

  Gongoozler 10:42 17 Apr 04

Hi Sisha, I've not tried it, so this answer is just an opinion. Some motherboard makers fit northbridge chips with fans and some don't. I think removing the fan is unlikely to have the distrous consequence of running a processor without a fan, but could result in instability. You could fit a larger heatsink like this one that is designed to run without a fan click here, you could arrange for a case fan to blow directly over the existing heatsink without a fan, or you could get a replacement "Motherboard chipset or graphics chip cooler" from here click here.

  caast©? 10:48 17 Apr 04

There is an article in this months PCA about this have you tried reading it. It will give you the information you should be considering.

Personally I would not be removing the fan from the Northbridge. I have lots of fans in my PC, pulling in and pushing out. There is a little noise but not that it bothers me. I just replace noisy fans with quieter ones I pay a little extra but turns my Ford into a Rolls.

  Forum Editor 10:51 17 Apr 04

Your board received some rave reviews and I wouldn't recommend doing anything that might jeopardise its performance/reliability.

  Sisha 15:55 17 Apr 04

Cheers for that

  ade.h 21:06 17 Apr 04

It will be fine as long as you replace it with a heatsink that is designed for use without a fan. I replaced the fan on my Abit board with a Zalman h/sink with no instability or temp concerns.

  ade.h 21:07 17 Apr 04

That should have been heatsink!

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