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does this mean i have been hacked?

  Cessna 19:59 26 Feb 04

I have begun receiving Delivery Failed emails into my outlook express which when i open them i find i never sent them in the first place. they list my email address as the originating source and are going to various places, and all are for viagra, porn, the usual spam stuff. does this mean that someone has hacked into my pc and has taken over my email account so that they can send mail whenever they like using my address? and if so is there anyway to stop it?

thanks for any advice.

  Jester2K 20:29 26 Feb 04

No they've sent it from another pc and used your address as the return address. They might have broken into your account (not your PC) if you have a weak password (change it now in case) but the chance is the address was spoofed (faked)

Delete them - they'll stop soon.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:14 27 Feb 04

You will never get 'hacked' on a home computer. It sounds like you may have a virus. Update your AV and do a scan. You could also download Adaware from click here to do a spyware check.


  JerryJay 00:48 27 Feb 04

Maybe nothing wrong with your PCs. Just someone send email with your address as return address. A lot of people get them, just ignore them but make sure you update your AV.

  golfpro 07:37 27 Feb 04

I had the same thing a few weeks ago they have now stopped I just deleted them. It turned out that someone who had my email address on their computer, got the "My Doom" virus and it was sending the virus to everyone on the address book list, when the AV of the recipient picked it up it sent a returned mail notice back to the address on the mail (mine). be careful.

  pyrocrafter 10:45 27 Feb 04

Make sure you don't open any attachments that might come with these messages, it will probably be a Virus. I've had several lately.
Also, I've had a couple of Keylogger viruses recently, which enabled someone to get into my Ebay account and Hotmail. It's since then that these e-mails have been arriving. That might just be coincidence though. Do a virus scan just in case you have a keylogger virus.

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