does this make sense

  Dave123 12:37 13 Feb 03

Iv'e just passed on my older PC to a friend and advised him that the CDRW suffers bufferunderun near the end when backing up music CDs even when copying via the hard drive. Whilst fitting a modem I noticed he fan on the CPU (233P2MMX)was stationary. We oiled the bearing and got it going. Would the CPU have slowed down to avoid overheating thus causing the CDRW to run out of data. I don't know if he's tried to back up a CD yet.

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:51 13 Feb 03

It is unlikely that it did that. Its much more normal for the PC to shutdown when it overheats.

Oiling the fan wasn't a good idea as it will just get dust stuck to it. Much better just to replace it, they aren't expensive.

  DieSse 14:23 13 Feb 03

It's very common for systems to slow down when overheating - some do it deliberately, by using the temperature monitoring readings - some because the internal processor heat management does it - some because things start going wrong.

More modern systems are more likely to do this, as they have better heat management, but it all depends on the actual processor and motherboard design.

I agree with SR - you should replace the fan.

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