Does this file exist?

  DAGO49 08:17 31 Jul 05

a friend of mine is running AVG free edition on Win XP and she keeps getting a virus warning on a file called MSClock32.dll and MSPlock.dll. I have searched the wb and found some removal methods for this file but it seems that this file does not exist normally on a PC running windows, someone said it was to do with the system clock but MS have never heard of it, anyway she moves it to the vault and on re-boot it reinstalls itself, is there an easy way of deleting these two for good? I can't tell you much more about it because i don't have either file on my computer....! so if anyone can tell me what it is? and how to get rid of it i would be very grateful..

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  961 08:28 31 Jul 05

If you type msclock32.dll into google you'll be pointed to a Castle Cops thread about this

Remember that in many of these sort of difficulties you need to turn off system restore because the threat may linger there

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