Does an external sound card need external speakers

  sheila.weston 14:05 21 Feb 11

Following on from my post at click here - if I buy an external sound card, do I need external speakers also, or are the ones in the laptop still OK?

  Terry Brown 14:56 21 Feb 11

When you plug a cable into the output socket of the audio card, it will automaticly divert output from the internal speaker to the external speaker, therefiore you will need external speakers with an external sound card.

  sheila.weston 20:34 22 Feb 11

Many thanks, Terry. Is there absolutely no way in which it can be sent to the speakers in the laptop?

  Woolwell 20:38 22 Feb 11

How many tapes have you got? Would it be easier to get someone to record them on their system for you?

  100andthirty 22:01 22 Feb 11

Windows can cope with two sound cards at once. for your recording task you should set the record device as the USB/external sound card and the playback device as the internal sound card.

to hear what you're recording, open edit, preferences and in the audio I/O tab tick the "software playthough" box. When you hit record, you'll hear the sound on your internal speakers - this works for me!

  sheila.weston 22:35 22 Feb 11

I have 14 tapes, copied' from an old large 'reel to reel' recorder as explained in my previous post. It was suggested that I get an external sound card but I think that my old speakers were thrown out.

Perhaps I had better record via the line-in socket first, if I can't find the speakers.

This has clarified my ideas. Thanks again.

  woodchip 22:48 22 Feb 11

I cannot see why you need extra Hardware, as it will not make the recordings much different from just using Laptop Hardware.
All you need is the Recording Software and Hardware to connect your equipment that you want to record from, you should be able to connect speakers from your hardware to the microphone in socket but turn down sound before you start as it can blow the laptop speakers if you have them too loud

  eedcam 12:57 23 Feb 11

Sheila you never came back re using Stereo mix in Audacity r other post

  sheila.weston 15:28 24 Feb 11

eedcm - in my previous post you said: 'The other method using audacity is providing you have Stereo Mix available in its drop down box then when that is selected it should record any sound being played on the pc.If using that method you will have no problem adjusting the input levels'.

I didn't understand - which drop-down box? Ah... I have now found project>new stereo track - but then there are three tracks....

I have also found the audacity online manual at click here.

I'll spend some more time reading the manual learning how to use audacity! Many thanks.

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