Does a Celeron D335 (2.8GHz) need a case fan?

  Gaz W 02:05 30 Sep 05

Hi, just a quick one... would I be able to get away with building a system using the above processor, 512MB dual channel DDR (i.e. 2 sticks of 256MB) and just one hard drive and DVD writer? Everything else will be onboard for the moment.

As I've not built an Intel system for a while, I'm not sure how hot new Celerons get and whether it would be completely necessary.

The main reason for asking is the noise, as the PC is intended to be used in a small room.

Here's a link to the case being used: click here

Thanks in advance for any advice,


  Zaphod Beeblebrox 02:17 30 Sep 05

it is advisable to have a case fan to keep the air flowing round the system these days you can purchase silent or almost silent fans click here

i dont know what this particular site is like i have never used them but i am sure someone will be able to comment or add alternative sites for you


  €dstowe 06:49 30 Sep 05

Quietpc are an excellent company. All my machines are fitted with components from there and they run with almost no noise at all - just a gentle hum in the background.

  Praxis99 21:48 02 Oct 05

I tend to use the Quiet PC site to identify quiet components and then search elsewhere for purchases since they are often a little on the expensive side.

Quiet PC frustratingly (from a UK perspective) only quote prices with VAT not included which is only added in when you go to purchase so make sure you allow for the + 17.5% on any price quoted.

Good sites i'd recommend include Kustom PC click here
and Chillblast
click here

  woodchip 21:57 02 Oct 05

All it should need is the PSU that as a Fan and a CPU fan

  Gaz W 16:19 03 Oct 05

Thanks to everyone for your contributions. I bought a fan just in case, and the case arrived on Saturday. When I came to build the system yesterday it turned out to have a fan already in it!

The good news is, the fan in the case is pretty quiet, and overall it's a much quieter PC than mine, which I think Intels usually are!

Thanks again,


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