Does the Asus PQ5-E motherboard have compatibility with the GTX 750Ti?

  Harichi 20:12 21 Apr 15

Hi. I'm planning on upgrading my GTS 250 that runs at an average of 94 degrees on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and when idle, runs at about 60. You can expect that it overheats. This is why I'm upgrading. Now, not that it has anything to do with the question.

I'm asking if my Asus PQ5-E motherboard can handle the GTX 750Ti. Now before you go quoting to this, I am a novice at computers and am also inept at understanding things. The answer I want for this is just a simple "Yes" or "No". That will be perfectly fine.

Thank you for your time, -Harichi

  kad292 20:44 21 Apr 15

compatible ?

Found this list hope it helps

1]: [click here

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