Does anyone know where to upgrade

  ronalddonald 17:43 23 Feb 08

Does anyone know of any good laptop upgrade companies that fix and upgrade laptops. My laptops about 5 yrs old

  citadel 18:28 23 Feb 08

not much you can do except add memory and you can do that yourself. as you have had your laptop 5 years you will probably be able to get a new laptop that is much more powerful than yours cheaply.

  wee eddie 20:08 23 Feb 08

I have to agree. You may be able to add some RAM to your old one (because of it's age the RAM could be quite difficult to source & may be pricey) but that is about all.

You would be well advised to consider a replacement.

  Totally-braindead 10:48 24 Feb 08

Sorry but I too agree with the others, you can add RAM but theres not much else you can do.

As for fixing a laptop its expensive, and having had one apart and the problems I had with it I wouldn't recommend doing it and can see why companies charge so much, a desktop is easy but a laptop is completely different.

Really if its needing fixed you have to go to someone that specialises in that make as if something is faulty you have to use the exact bit for that make and model. As such if its faulty and considering how cheap laptops are nowadays it might be more economical to buy a new one.

It would cost you at least £50 for someone to even look at it and give you a quote for repair and considering the age, 5 years, they might find it impossible to source the parts, but that depends on what is wrong of course.

  Forum Editor 10:57 24 Feb 08

a better secondhand laptop for about the same amount it will cost you to send yours away for repair or upgrade. In any case, as the others have said, there's not much you can do to upgrade a laptop, apart from updating the BIOS, adding RAM, and perhaps a bigger hard drive.

  ronalddonald 14:20 24 Feb 08

Many thanks to all of you, i be looking at a new laptop soon,when me missus says me priced pumkin go get one.

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