does anyone have an msi 6417 motherboard - help

  JEFoord 22:36 16 Nov 03


i need to find someone who has an msi 6417 motherboard because i am having trouble getting my ram recognised and a friend of mine thinks it might be the switches on the mobo, but i dont know what ones to change.
i have 1x128mb and 1x256mb ram installed and it only recognises 192mb. i have checked and the mobo is capable of 512mb. it is the correct type and my friend has checked through the bios and still no change.
this has led us to believe the switches on the mobo are leading the pc to think i have a 128 and a 64.
Any help would be very welcome.

  gold 47 22:42 16 Nov 03

Are you sure it's not your 256mb ram chip that has failed???

  woodchip 22:46 16 Nov 03

Put the 256 in bank 0 or 1 and the 128 in the one after it

  JEFoord 22:49 16 Nov 03

i only just bought the 256 stick today and when i put it in on its own in either of my two slots it only sees it as 128mb.

  JEFoord 22:50 16 Nov 03

i have tried swapping slots, using just one stick in either slot etc. all combinations see less than is there

  woodchip 22:55 16 Nov 03

Then the 256 is the wrong type of memory for the motherboard you have got it's got to be an old board. It is only seeing half the chips on the memory that you bought. Are there chips on both sides of the memory you bought if so that is why

  JEFoord 22:58 16 Nov 03

no - there are only chips on one side of the stick and i have checked it is the the right type

  woodchip 23:00 16 Nov 03

Then it must be faulty

  woodchip 23:02 16 Nov 03

PS how many slots do you have? 4X128 make 512mb

  JEFoord 23:02 16 Nov 03

so what are these switches on the motherboard?

  JEFoord 23:05 16 Nov 03

i only have 2 slots. its about 4 years old and i'm trying to make it last a bit longer!
cant afford a new one at the mo!
i cant see it is faulty because the 128 is seen as 128 whichever slot i put it in when its on its own.
when i have it in with the 256 which is exactly the same type of stick, the 128 is only seen as 64!

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