Dodgy mouse?

  muscic lover 00:36 26 Mar 04

my Pc runs windows Me quite well. I have Norton anti virus running all the time and regularly sweep for virus'.
My mouse (optical) occasionally runs of its own accord off to the right of the screen or to the bottom.
Now this is getting annoying to say the least.
Any ideas why this is happening? It has been fine over the last few months that i have had it.
It is powered from the PC, so i know its not batteries. It hasnt had settings altered, it is otherwise behaving itself. It is not a constant problem.

Any ideas guys or gals?

advice welcomed here as i am going bald with this problem!


  User-312386 00:39 26 Mar 04

I have an optical mouse and windows XP and mine does the same thing intermittently, with the pointer just jumping as you say to the bottom or to the right

will watch this thread with anticipation

I have a Logitech cordless optical

  muscic lover 00:41 26 Mar 04

i forgot to say mine is a logitech too, although it is not a wireless one! I like the wire!

  Gannondorf 00:48 26 Mar 04

I had the same problem although mine is a thrust wireless optical model and a reinstall of the drivers cured the problem,why not give it a try.

Hope this helps.

  User-312386 00:59 26 Mar 04

done that many a time

  Tog 07:25 26 Mar 04

Same thing under 98SE with MS Intellimouse. I'm going to give it a good seeing to this weekend. If anything I do fixes it I'll let you know.

  mole44 08:03 26 Mar 04

try moving the reciever plugged into your computer away from the base unit or monitor as they both interfear with the signal

  muscic lover 19:22 26 Mar 04

will try a reinstall of the drivers and see what happens!

Mine is not a wireless mouse, just optical. I dont have it on a glass or reflective top, usually a bit of A4 paper does the trick! I know glass or reflective surfaces can play havoc with the optical bit though.

Will keep this thread open for a few more days and see whats what.

Cheers to all you contributers

  User-312386 19:37 29 Mar 04


  Graham ® 19:52 29 Mar 04

Hold the mouse steady and gently waggle the lead. They sometimes develop a break where it enters the mouse.

  Tog 07:20 31 Mar 04

Deleted and reinstalled the drivers, uninstalled/reinstalled intellimouse, reinstalled the mobo drivers but no joy. The MS security update CD I ordered arrived so I ran it. Apart from the security updates it also updated DirectX, IE and WMP and No More Jitter!

Odd. Next time something goes wrong I think I'll check the light in the fridge...

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