Dodgy Flash Drive!

  splatter 19:11 14 Sep 08

Hi, I'm wondering if anybody can offer a simple solution to what seems a very weird problem.

I have a 2GB flash drive given to me a while ago which I've just re-discovered below a bunch of floppy discs (remember those, eh?) Anyway, I plugged it into my computer (Vista Ultimate) and much to my delight it still worked. Which is great, but when I try it on ANY other computer it will not regonise. The system will say its installing drivers for 'USB Mass Storage Device' (as you would hope) but just stops there.

Nothing shows up in my computer, and if you plug in another USB device whilst it's plugged in that won't get detected untill I remove the drive in question.

As I say, everything works fine on my system, its just other computers!

Any resolution is welcome else it's only going to be used for Vista's readyboost.


  woodchip 19:29 14 Sep 08

Have you rebooted after it said it loaded drivers. Then when back in windows press Win Key plus E key.

If its loaded it should show down at bottom left, as a Removable Drive

  splatter 19:47 14 Sep 08

It doesn't say "installed" just "installing"

  splatter 23:30 16 Sep 08

any ideas anyone?

  keverne 23:39 16 Sep 08

Yes, if it's fast enough to be used for readyboost on your PC then fine. Leave it at that.

But if you need it to work on other machines then bin it. You can buy another one for about a fiver.

  splatter 16:39 17 Sep 08

Thats what its being used for at the moment. I've got another drive to use, thats not the issue...I'm just one of those people who ask "why?"

I'll leave this 'Unresolved' for now, and if anybody comes up with any answers then great!

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