dodgy e-mails

  johnpalmer 09:56 18 Oct 09

I have received two e-mails recently.

1. A supposed tax refund, which I suspect is Phishing, with no recipient address.

2. Another viagra speculative offer, supposedly from "The official Site". When I add it to my block sender list it puts my e-mail address into it. When I right click on the "from" address and press properties, it shows my e-mail address. How can that be ?

I have set up message rules that are supposed to block messages that don't show my address at To: or CC: , but still a lot get through. WHY ???

Any help gratefully received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 18 Oct 09

Someone has clone your e-mail address, it happens to all of us at sometime or other, delete any of these messages without opening and within a few weeks they will stop coming.

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