Dodgy Battery

  wrg 07:35 22 Nov 07

Is there a way I can check if the battery in my wife's laptop is dodgy. It does not seem to want to take a charge. I have left it plugged it in overnight and this morning it has only charged to 3%. She has only had the laptop for about 6/7 months.

  mad1234 07:40 22 Nov 07

take it back to the shop where you bought & get them to test it as it must still be under warrenty

  PP321 07:45 22 Nov 07

depending on where you got it from they can be REALLY dodgy over battery problems. Some insist that its an optional or auxillary part or even perishable , and thus not coverd by warranty!

Stand your ground and explain that a laptop is meant to be "portable" and thats the reason you bought it. However some shops dont have a problem exchanging batteries.

  umbongo(uk) 09:08 22 Nov 07

somthing to try

leave the laptop on until the battery is totally dead to the point no lights are on

now try to recharge it

if you still get your above issue take it back and ask for a replacement

  Graham. 09:25 22 Nov 07

Look in the user guide. There may be instructions on how to reset the battery calibration circuit in BIOS.

  wrg 10:43 22 Nov 07

Thanks all for your responses. Another thing is that the laptop gets quite hot quickly as well and the fan kicks in not long after it has booted up. Could this be related?

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