collinsc 09:12 19 Feb 08

I want a colleague to pass me about 20 documents. Instead of emailing them, can she log on to my PC and then store them on the desktop. Then when I log back on I can grab them from the desktop? Will that work?! Or do I need a file location for them to be dragged to instead?


  Diemmess 09:28 19 Feb 08

Assuming you are in the same building and no bar to copying or adding documents to both PCs why not a pen drive?
Or is that too simplistic?

  collinsc 09:59 19 Feb 08

that functionality has been switched off for security reasons.

is what i have stated possible?

  MAJ 10:31 19 Feb 08

If "that functionality has been switched off for security reasons", then the chances are good that all other ways have been switched off as well, CD or floppy transfer, access to eachother's account etc.

  collinsc 10:51 19 Feb 08

security reasons- so no-one can take information out of the building only. so im guessing this should be fine... providing it is actually something you can do?!

im querying it- because im not sure that you can..
if i save data to the desktop, log off, and then maj logs on- surely the data i put on the desktop wont be there will it!? isnt desktop personal to each profile?

  johnnyrocker 10:56 19 Feb 08

surely easiest way is to e mail them to you send it .com and then you collect it?


  Taff™ 12:40 19 Feb 08

Ask you IT people. Normally in a company networked environment there are Shared Folders for just such a situation. Alternatively there may be an internal e-mail system set up from the mail server using IMAP as opposed to POP3.

  collinsc 17:04 19 Feb 08

cheers guys

  johnnyrocker 17:30 19 Feb 08

resolved how?


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