Document Compilation/collation Software

  FAB1 11:53 05 Aug 11

We run a sales and management training company and produce 100+ delegate manuals in MS Word each week. All of our courses are bespoke but many of the 'topics' or 'chapters' are recurring. At the moment we spend hours 'cut & pasting' chapters from one document to another and I am keen to find software that will allow us to create a central library/index of 'chapters' that can then be selected from a menu to create each unique course manual.

Anyone know of any such software?

Hope this makes sense

  wiz-king 18:24 05 Aug 11

Copy each chapter to a separate word document then when you want to do a 'pack' select the documents you want in windows explorer by doing a single click on the first chapter then a shift/click on the next etc, this should high-light all the chapters then you need to right click on any one of the high-lighted and choose print.

  Forum Editor 00:10 06 Aug 11

Have a word with these people they sell a document compiler that might be just the thing you're looking for.

  FAB1 16:06 11 Aug 11

Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately I need each manual to have an index with page numbers so selecting and printing wont work. I will keep looking!

  wiz-king 05:52 12 Aug 11

Then number and page number the chapters, eg 6-1, 6-2 etc. Then you can index them, when you have a non-issued chapter you can index it as 'blank' or 'not issued'.

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