doc's and settings path won't change

  Mr Alien 12:20 07 Jun 04


I am having a little trouble with user accounts:

I have installed XP home but I was not prompted during installation to create a user account, so it just made one for me called "Owner" (with admin rights and no password).

I have since gone into the control panel and renamed the account to be called "James surname>", but the filepath in documents and settings still remains at: c:\documents and settings\owner\...blah so it has not renamed owner to my username in the filepaths!

Is there anything I can do about this. I don't really want to delete/create a new user account as it took me ages to set everything up.

Thanks, James.

  temp003 12:46 07 Jun 04

The folder name in Documents and Settings will not change, even if you have changed the log-on name.

The alternative is to create a new account with Adm rights, with the name you want, and delete the Owner account.

  Mr Alien 13:59 07 Jun 04

can i use regedit to search/replace every instance of the filepath with a new one?

  temp003 03:40 08 Jun 04

It's a little haphazard. You will find that there are too many references to change - a lot of the software you have installed will have written entries into the registry with reference to the old path.

It is probably quicker, and safer, simply to create a new user account first, then remove the old user account.

Note that after removing the old user account, restart, and then you may have to delete the C:\Documents and Settings\Owner folder manually (at least in Windows 2000).

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