Do you like Free things

  woodchip 14:02 07 Sep 05

Then check out these free courses, some starting to day click here

  woodchip 14:50 07 Sep 05

No Body botherd

  john-232317 15:05 07 Sep 05

cheers mate I just signed up for tuning LCD course, even though i dont have one yet ;-))

  David4637 19:01 08 Sep 05

There does not appear a link on the web site you quoted, for the course "Save your VHS tapes to DVD" starting today? Where do you get more info or get onto the course? Have I missed something?? Thanks David

  woodchip 21:45 08 Sep 05

On this page what do you want a Targetlook on the left there are buttons to press that take you throu it. click here

Plus there is a Video to play to see how it's done

  spuds 01:20 09 Sep 05

Very interesting, makes life much more enjoyable, watching the experts do it.

  woodchip 12:49 09 Sep 05


  David4637 17:12 09 Sep 05

Thanks Woodchip- problem is now that on Dial Up the video demo takes too long to download and then play. David

  woodchip 17:31 09 Sep 05

Just do the stuff on the left as it's just as easy

  David4637 14:46 10 Sep 05

What I meant to say is the video stream tutorial that plays on the web site takes almost 10 mins to start playing and thats part 1 of 6. Any ideas apart from going to BB. Thanks David

  lotvic 15:03 10 Sep 05

Thanks Woodchip

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