'Do Not Track Plus' from Abine

  wee eddie 09:07 AM 28 Feb 12

Anyone got any views on it?

  john bunyan 09:33 AM 28 Feb 12

I use the Abine Standard Protection plus Easyprivacy Tracking protection, following advice from this forum; they seem to have reduced tracking cookies and some annoying ads.Have not tried the one you mention.

  morddwyd 10:54 AM 28 Feb 12
  wee eddie 11:09 AM 28 Feb 12

thanks morddwyd - Missed that

  finerty 13:50 PM 01 Mar 12

Im using it right now and downloaded on the add ons in Firefox. its very very good, easy to use and easy to install and lets you know which companies are tracking you and blocks them straight away and also you have the option to allow the companies to track you.

There are many many tracking companies willing to sell the data to the highest bidder whereas you the one has been tracked don't get a penny. Works well on firefox and google.

  Condom 00:12 AM 02 Mar 12

I'm also using it on Firefox & IE9. Interestingly while typing this I have 5 places being blocked including Facebook. If this catches on Google et al will probably buy it to kill it off.

  proudfoot 11:24 AM 02 Mar 12

I too have installed it and my all time total is 345 sites showing blocked. Is there any way to reset the total or does it just keep increasing ad infinitum.

  john bunyan 18:22 PM 02 Mar 12

romanby1. I have just started using it and asked them the same question via their very quick chat. They said it just counts totals and does not take space up by remembering wich sites are blocked.Seems very good so far.


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