Do not Track Plus

  rawprawn 25 Feb 12

do not track plus

I have used this on Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I have found it very handy little tool.

  Ex plorer 25 Feb 12

Sounds good I will give this a try.

  alB 25 Feb 12

rawprawn thanks for this, installed and running, 37 items blocked in 15 minutes ...alB

  Input Overload 25 Feb 12

Most interesting - Thank you :-)

  johnnyrocker 25 Feb 12

works very well, my thanks to you


  rdave13 25 Feb 12
  morddwyd 26 Feb 12

No problem with FF but I get "Invalid value for permission" when I try to run it in Chrome.

There's obviously a setting I can't find.

Any ideas?

  rawprawn 26 Feb 12

Did you download the correct version for Chrome? Have you tried Help & Support (in the drop down menu?)

  onthelimit1 26 Feb 12

Looks a great little tool - thanks!

  morddwyd 26 Feb 12


Did the download from within Chrome. so assumed the correct version would download automatically.

None of the support options seem to be working, and the e-mail address comes up as invalid.

  rawprawn 26 Feb 12

Try opening DNT and at the bottom of the drop down click on "Say Hello" It looks as though you get live chat. The support options seem OK to me but I can't really test them when I have no problem.Make sure you are using FF when connecting to Say Hello so that you are sure it is working.

I'm sorry I can't be of much help, but I have only just started using the program myself


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