Do Memory Speeds Make A Difference?

  Ken Ju-On 04:07 04 Nov 03

Is 333 MHz RAM noticeably slower than 266MHz RAM ?

  Ken Ju-On 04:07 04 Nov 03

Sorry I mean FASTER

  simonp1 07:47 04 Nov 03

im not a big expert on this but for gaming and with graphics cards you do notice a difference...

The gain is noticable but with smaller inprovements on all aspects of the machine you do find then a big difference.

  DieSse 08:25 04 Nov 03

It depends a lot on the rest of the machine setup - for instance - what processor - what processor speed - is the RAM running synchronously with the processor.

Having run my system at times with different RAM speed, different amounts of RAM, and single or dual channel (only available on the latest boards) - my overall feeling (without measurements) - is that using dual channel 400MHz RAM (on an 800FSB P4 system) makes it noticeably perkier - nothing else seems to make any real difference.

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