Do I realy need java

  GrumpyJ 13:31 15 Feb 07

Do I realy need java on my computers. What would happen if I were to uninstall it

  Kate B 13:43 15 Feb 07

A lot of websites rely on Java.

  €dstowe 13:46 15 Feb 07

Why do you want to remove it?

  provider 2 15:30 15 Feb 07

This Java thing sees to be pretty complicated:click here

  provider 2 15:44 15 Feb 07

I couldn`t get Java updates on my pc. The reason was that there is no Java VM in Windows SP2, only Java Runtime Environment. They are not the same thing.

  rawprawn 15:45 15 Feb 07

There are many web sites that you would not be able to view to their full advantage if you do not have Java installed. For example
click here

  provider 2 15:57 15 Feb 07

More on this subject:click here

  GrumpyJ 07:35 16 Feb 07

I was just going through my computer and uninstalling items that I never use, and that was why I was asking.So I will not be uninstalling Java as it is needed.
Thanks for your replys

  €dstowe 08:03 16 Feb 07

There may be other programs in your machine that seem to have no purpose - be very careful taking things out unless you are ABSOLUTELY certain that they are not required.

  iscanut 08:17 16 Feb 07

Dontuse the Microsoft Java but use the Sun Java Runtime instead. As long as you have Sun Java, the MS version can be uninstalled anyway ( if you have it ).

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