Do I really need SP2 ?

  Creditman 18:10 26 Aug 04

Having followed the many threads on this I am not sure whether to install it or not. I feel well protected with NAV, Zonealarm (free version),Adaware, Spyblaster & Google pop-up stopper. I have very simple usage (email,wordprocessing, shopping & information, banking etc -I am not into down-loading music or games). Would SP2 really be worth having ? I am on NTL broadband. Thanks.

  rambus 18:34 26 Aug 04

if you value your computer`s security then the answer is YES . dont understand all the negitive hype about sp2 its just another upgrade that you should have, have put it on three machines at home and all are working ok no problems have appeared as the doom and gloom merchants would have you believe.its free so go get it.

  CurlyWhirly 19:56 26 Aug 04

I agree with you as regards all the gloom and doom.
I have had NO troubles so far and people shouldn't forget that Microsoft have done loads of beta testing on this to try and get it right from the start.

  MIke 20:00 26 Aug 04

I too have installed SP2 and found no problems. Even the list of Programs that MS said might behave differently are running OK. Only difference I've noticed is that PC seems to take a little longer shutting down.

Maybe we could have a PCAdvisor Poll along the lines of whether ppl have had problems or not with SP2.

  jack 20:44 26 Aug 04

Probably yes - but dont rush it.
Its a hefty download if you are dial up.
Our favourite Maggie[This one] has said they will cover mount it by end of year.
Perchance by then what bugs there may be will be squirted.
I'll wait awhile.

  Belatucadrus 20:49 26 Aug 04

IMHO no, but as you can see I'm in the minority here.

  Bapou 22:27 26 Aug 04

If you are still not sure, wait a while. Read what the respected Fred Langa has to say. click here Look for 'Go Slow on XP2' newsletter.

  leo49 22:59 26 Aug 04

I doubt you actually NEED it although you might in the future when updates might become available that utilise any little-publicised code changes.

SP2 is primarily aimed at improving the security of PCs used by folk who don't know and don't want to know anything about them - apparently some survey reckoned only 10% of PC users used a firewall hence M$ have turned their Mickey Mouse one on by default and introduced the totally redundant[for the PC literate] "Security Centre".

  woodchip 23:08 26 Aug 04

Why so much push about SP2 as got me, as your self how long have you managed without it??? What as been the affect i.e. have you had a VIRUS that SP2 would stop.... Nothings perfect, that's why MS is now bringing patches out for SP2. I will leave you to think this one out.

PS I am all for Security, but if they are determined to get in, They will. Rest assured

  woodchip 23:10 26 Aug 04

Looking on this site SP2 is causing more problems than Virus's

  Creditman 09:28 27 Aug 04

Many thanks to all who replied. So far a small majority say go for it, but I'm going to leave it a while - there is no hurry.

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