Do I own VISTA Home Premium ?

  iqs 19:54 02 Mar 08

Sorry for posting another thread today,but I have been meaning to ask this question for a few days,but forgot.

I bought a faulty Pc which came with Vista.The HD is dead,so the only copy I have of the OS is the two backup DVD discs which were made by the previous owner.

With these discs,will I be able to install VISTA onto another Pc,are they bootable as well.Or must they be installed over a OS.

More importantly do I own VISTA,or must I buy a licence key?.


  jimv7 20:00 02 Mar 08

You own the disks but the vista/xp information on them belongs to microsoft.

You will not be able to install onto a different pc as the drivers and settings will be different, unless its the same brand and has the same components as the original.

  jimv7 20:02 02 Mar 08

I took it as the disks you have are restore disks and not the full vista dvd.

  belfman 20:04 02 Mar 08

Do I own VISTA Home Premium ?

If your name is William Gates III you do.

  citadel 20:06 02 Mar 08

just get an oem visa disc £60.

  iqs 20:20 02 Mar 08

all and thanks for the quick replies.The disks are the restore disks,not the full VISTA DVD,I think.

So why is the OEM version of VISTA £60,and the version I have seen at Pc World £219?.

Is it OK to buy a OEM version and instal on a Pc which was self built or pre-installed with another OS.
I thought they could only be sold with a Pc?.

If Im wrong,why would anyone pay £219?????


  lofty29 20:41 02 Mar 08

OK OEM versions are for system builders, they are normaly rpreloaded by the builder, they can only be used on one system, if you have a major changes to that system you could have problems, you cannot install them on another pc if you change. Retail can be swopped from one system to another, but only on one system at a time

  woodchip 21:00 02 Mar 08

They may load on that computer if it will work with a new Hard Drive

  rossgolf 21:47 02 Mar 08

can anyone go out and buy a vista os for 60£ or is there a catch somewhere?

  ventanas 21:55 02 Mar 08

Nobody ever owns software. What you pay for is licence to use it for as long as you stay within the terms of that licence. To attempt to install these discs on another PC will not be within the licence terms, so you cannot do it, neither can you buy an OEM copy of Windows, unless you are a system builder, as already stated. You must buy a full retail copy of Vista, which is somewhat more than the OEM version.
But why not simply put a new drive into the machine and see if the discs you have work as Woodchip suggests. I don't see how that could be outside licence terms.,

  iqs 22:14 02 Mar 08

again for answering my many questions.Cheers folks,regards,IQS

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