rotormota 17:01 02 Nov 06


I am going to replace an intenal DVD/CD ROM with a DVD/CD writer.

Do I need to uninstall/remove hardware in Windows for the ROM drive first or is it as simple as physically taking it out, putting the new one in & Windows XP will recognise it?

Many thanks.

  baldtaco 17:01 02 Nov 06

Nah, just drag it out.

  ed-0 17:06 02 Nov 06

No, just switch them over.

Windows XP will see it ;-)

  rotormota 17:14 02 Nov 06

'Nah, just drag it out'....nice one!!

I hope I never hear my dentist say that when I'm on the couch!!

Thanks chaps for the lightning response. I will indeed drag it out imminently.


  Stuartli 18:06 02 Nov 06

Just swap the cable and power supply over and then reboot; make sure the jumper on the rear is set to Master.

Windows will automatically find the new hardware and install the basic CDROM driver, which is all that is required.

The operation of the drive is controlled by your burning software.

Incidentally it's worth keeping your ROM drive for installing software, playing audio CDs and DVDs etc - rewriters are not the most robust of hardware and if they are used for their main purpose i.e. burning, they will last longer.

If you do, the ROM will need the jumper sett to Slave and, like the rewriter, will install automatically. Note that the rewriter will be the D drive and the ROM the E drive.

  rotormota 17:38 03 Nov 06


I'll just add the following:

Current set up: External DVD+/-/R/RW/RAM writer. Internal DVD+/-/R/RW Lightscribe writer. Internal DVD ROM.

I am going to replace the DVD ROM with a new internal DVD+/-R/RW/RAM Lightscribe writer so I will then free myself of the external unit & associated cables whilst still keeping the multi format capability of that drive + Lightscribe of course.

Just to recap the final set up will give me two all singing & dancing internal DVD writer drives rather than just one & a ROM.

I know some think it good to keep a ROM drive but on further web investigation the general trend is to replace with a writer.


  woodchip 17:49 03 Nov 06

If it on the same cable as the Hard drive it should be set to SLAVE. and do turn the computer off and pull the mains plug

  Stuartli 19:19 03 Nov 06

Most people use the Secondary IDE Channel for two optical drives, the main one being the Master and the second the Slave.

Also ensure from Device Manager>IDE Controllers>highlight Secondary Channel>Advanced Settings that Use DMA where Available is Enabled (DMA 2 is suffienct).

You can also do this for the Primary Channel but more likely it will/should be DMA 5 or 6.

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