do i need a soundcard

  andylad303 17:28 26 Jul 07

Can someone please advise me.I am looking to buy a pc for the 1st time.I have seen 1 on the net from Dixons.On the spec. it says SOUNDCARD - None.
Does this mean it won't play any sounds at all or do I just need to buy some speakers.
Please try and answer me in plain English as I am very green when it comes to pc's

  Koochy 17:32 26 Jul 07

Hi it will probably just be on board sound which means you will still be able to connect speakers to it and listen to music but if you could post a link to the pc in question that would be a great help.


  SANTOS7 17:33 26 Jul 07

andylad303, if you post a link to the PC you have chosen we will be able to advise you better..

  brundle 17:33 26 Jul 07

The audio chip is probably built in to the motherboard so the PC doesn't require an additional card.
Which model?

  andylad303 18:36 26 Jul 07

heres the link

click here

  Koochy 18:51 26 Jul 07

It has on board sound so all you will have to buy as extra is speakers and i can highly recomend the creative I-Trigue range especially for the price.


  wotbus@ 19:52 26 Jul 07

The fundamental difference between card or no card, is quality (and of course price).
Onboard sound is sufficient for most general needs (you still need speakers - best probably Active (have their own power supply and volume control))
A sound Card is dedicated hardware for the sole purpose of reproducing high quality sound in to multiple speakers.

  wotbus@ 19:56 26 Jul 07

PS The computer soundcard outputs to an external amplifier, usually in the speaker base unit. There is also, usually, a Line Input and a Mic input directly to the soundcard.

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