Do I need a new Browser?

  1936 23 Apr 11

Reading PCA I came across an article about MS trying to kill off Internet Explorer 6.0 again. I checked and found that I ma running version 8.0 Does that mean I am allright?

  johndrew 23 Apr 11

Yes. IE8 is the latest version released.

  maggotdrowner 23 Apr 11

Actually version 9 is unless you are running xp or earlier windows.

  1936 23 Apr 11

I am still with XP but am in the process with my very clever Grandson of deciding what to replace my six year old computer with.

  peter99co 25 Apr 11

Go for Windows 7 and IE 9

  kristain 10 May 11

Internet Explorer 9, the latest offering of the Microsoft Browser platform is packed with excellent features needed for a beautiful, fast and safe web experience. This is a faster and more responsive browser in comparison to its earlier versions. Some of the salient features include Pinning, Jump Lists, Aero-snap, Hardware acceleration and integration seamlessly with computers running on the Windows 7 platform. It provides support for modern web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. The movement of notifications to the bottom of the page enables users to browse without interruptions.

  finerty 10 May 11

link text

scroll down to Internet explorer version 8 for xp and download or download firefox


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