do i need a motorola compatible dongle?

  Superstylin 22:46 23 Mar 06

hi, i have a motorola l7 and want share files with my laptop. question is, do i need a specific dongle that is compatible with a motorola l7 or will any dongle work??

thanks for any replies

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:50 23 Mar 06

Any bluetooth dongle shoud work

  Superstylin 22:55 23 Mar 06

is there such a thing as a better dongle? i realise there are usb1 and 2 but will a cheapo one be good enough? i ask because they're sold cheap as chips on ebay but they appear to be non-brand

  daba 23:56 23 Mar 06

I bought one off eBay for £0.01 with £5.99 postage - Total £6.00

Arrived from the far east in 4 days, and works a treat

  Superstylin 20:21 24 Mar 06

cheers daba i guess non brand ones are fine then, i'll make a bid on ebay asap!

  daba 23:41 25 Mar 06

don't expect too much in respect of range.

If it says 10m, don't think it'll be ok to pick up the phone and go and make a cuppa while transferring data. 10m range it may give, in clear line-of sight, with no walls between, no other electronic devices in the vicinity, if there's an "r" in the month etc. etc.

I guess you'll be downloading stuff to your phone, while sitting at your PC with the phone on the desk in front of you, leave it there.

For that sort of price, I consider it worth trying anyway, even if it turns out to be [email protected]

If you do need longer range click here are selling USB BB dongle (i think about £10) claiming a 100m range

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