Do I need a modem?

  missjosy 14:48 05 Oct 05

I am thinking about buying a new PC base unit. I am interested in the Acer. PS.PFVE5. U30.
DigiUK appear to have the best price. In the description, it lists Ethernet, and modem as optional.
Sorry if the following question sounds stupid, but, I am used to the old fashion dial-up facilities. The question is: with Ethernet, do I also need a modem?

  De Marcus™ 14:59 05 Oct 05

It depends on how you connect to the internet?

  rmcqua 15:04 05 Oct 05

Having looked at the spec. for this PC, is comes equipped with a Realtek 8110 10/100 LAN adapter Integrated into the motherboard so, unless you want to use it with dial up (i.e. where you do not have a broadband connection) then you do not need another modem.
Hope this helps.

  missjosy 15:06 05 Oct 05

Hello De Marcus.
I currently use dialup through Tiscali, and want continue - I may get bold and opt for broadband next year.

  bremner 15:08 05 Oct 05

Therefore you do need a modem

  missjosy 15:08 05 Oct 05

Hello Richard.
Thank you for that info.

  missjosy 15:11 05 Oct 05

Hello bremner.

Thank you for your advice. I assume that it is not too hard to install a modem. If I did, could that invalidate the warranty?

  rawprawn 15:15 05 Oct 05

I wouldn't have thought it would invalidate the warranty in any way. It's easy, just a plugin to the space inside your computer.

  missjosy 15:21 05 Oct 05

Thank you rawprawn.

maybe if I ask nicely, they might install it for me!

  missjosy 15:24 05 Oct 05

My thanks to you all for your kind contributions.

  bremner 15:36 05 Oct 05

Be careful

Some manufacturers have closed case warranties and if you open then up the warranty is invalidated.

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