Do I need DVD -RW or DVD -RAM for my DVD recorder

I have a panasonic DRME-55 stand alone DVd recoder connected to my TV. It doesn't support + dvd's but - ones. What is the difference between buying -RW DVDs and DVD-Ram Dvds? I want to record TV progs erase them and record again.

  Smiler 16:49 30 May 06

You can only use dvd-rw to write & erase as your recorer doesn't support dvd-ram discs

The disks that I have used previously say DVD -Ram.

  ICF 17:42 30 May 06

DVD ram discs are not as common as DVD-RW so if you wanted to give the disc to somebody else then the would most likely not be able to play it.DVD Ram is more expensive but apart from that they both do the same job.

  Mananin 20:47 30 May 06

I have a Panasonic DMRES30V. It was a steep learning curve before I found that only DVD-RAM were able to carry out partitioning (splitting) of recorded programs.
DVD-RW whilst being re-recordable will not necessarily play back on other rcorder/players or comps.
DVD-R (once only recorders) Should playback on recorders and comps.

  Fellsider 22:39 30 May 06

The main difference is that DVD-RW can only be FULLY cleared before re-use whereas DVD-RAM can have individual programmes deleted (like video tape)

If you are only recording for your own use there are no probs but as stated by earlier posts if you are recording for someone else there could be probs playing on other machines.

  johnnyrocker 23:27 30 May 06

as an old tv engineer i have now found out why i am looking for useful work elsewhere it is an absolute minefield changing on an almost daily basis


  281apple 15:54 31 May 06

It may be that I did not understand you, but I use DVD+RW and I can erase individual programmes with no problem.

Thanks- my player will only take -RAM and -RW not +.
i think I've got the answer now between the two types of DVD- think!!
It's just there is a fair difference in the price!
The DVD player allows you to erase individual progs but I am a little confused with your two posts fellsider!(although do appreciate that you have responded!)

  Fellsider 09:37 01 Jun 06

I wait to be corrected on this but....
AFAIK whilst the recorder will not let you access the program once you have deleted it, it will not let you overwrite it until you do an 'erase' or 'format' on the disk.

Have you actually succeeded in writing to an area that has been previously deleted by this method?

  UncleP 11:22 01 Jun 06

I have a Panasonic HD/DVD recorder, so I edit material on the hard disk (remove TV breaks etc) before storing on a DVD.

I think you have the answer to your original question above, but to summarise:-

(a) if you want the DVD for long-term storage or to be played on another machine, use -R (write once)

(b) if you want to re-write, use -RAM. Panasonic claims that it can be written to 100,000 times (if my memory serves me correctly, which it rarely does these days!), but it is less likely to work well on another machine and Panasonic is one of the few manufacturers who support this format. The disk structure is quite different from -R, more complex and better quality, hence the higher price.

(c) my opinion is that the -RW falls between these two stools, so I don't use it.

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