do i need different settings in i.e for ftp server

  dazzling 16:24 27 Jun 04

i have been trying to download bios from the abit site in taiwan for a week but keep getting page unavailable.surley the abit site wont have been offline for a week plus its only the pages that start ftp that i cant get into any ideas darren.

  Clint2 16:36 27 Jun 04

Post the link and I will try it.

  dazzling 16:39 27 Jun 04

thanks clint 2 click here

  Clint2 16:44 27 Jun 04

No it does not work for me. Try this click here

  dazzling 16:47 27 Jun 04

yes already tried the global site that didnt work either.the usa sites working but doesnt have my motherboard on it must be the site.cheers darren

  Clint2 16:55 27 Jun 04

The global site works for me. Perhaps other members can advise on settings.

  dazzling 08:43 28 Jun 04


  scooby43 09:53 28 Jun 04

try an ftp client such as aceftp

  dazzling 20:22 28 Jun 04

thanks got there through us site in the end.darren

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