Do I need a bios update ?

  SB23 19:37 31 Jul 05

Have been looking around a few sites,(coz I'm nosey),one in particular,suggested that I upgrade my bios,simply because it is now out of date,then the hard bit followed,trying to find out exactly what type of motherboard I have.At present,all I have been able to get is that it's a Columbia board,manfacturer is Gigabyte,and that's it.To stop me from "throwing my teddy out of my cot",do I really need to update,does the saying "don't fix it unless it's broken" come into being....Please Help

  mattyc_92 19:44 31 Jul 05

Is there anything wrong with your BIOS? If the answer is no, then updating the BIOS will be danagerous (it is always danagerous, but if all is well, you have more to lose)

  Joe R 19:45 31 Jul 05


download the home version of this utility, and it will tell you whay mobo, and bios revision you are using. click here

As you say yourself though, if everything works to your satisfaction, why change it.?

  Joe R 19:46 31 Jul 05



  SB23 19:53 31 Jul 05

To be honest,I think that you've both said what I was already thinking,why bother upgrading if all seems ok,Yeah,i think i'll leave it as it is,thanx for your replys.....SB23

  David4637 17:29 01 Aug 05


  SB23 17:33 01 Aug 05

Thanx for the advice,will leave well alone....sb23

  Stuartli 18:51 01 Aug 05

Gigabyte is actually a Taiwanese company and its UK website is at:

click here

If you check out your motherboard using Belarc Advisor, Everest (a development of Belarc Advisor) or Windows own System Information and enter the model name into the Motherboard section of the Support link, you will be able to find out if you can do a Bios update online (@Bios is the title).

There's also a means to backup the current bios before installing a new one with some boards. See:

click here

Even so, the earlier advice to leave well alone if things are running without problems still holds.

  goonerbill © ® 22:57 01 Aug 05

some bios updates do benefit the mobo, small programming errors the makers missed are fixed and allow new CPU's to run on the board without buying a new one ( ie any AMD/Pentium with the same pin set), but if you are not planning on any major cpu upgrade, go with the old saying as has already been meantioned, if it aint broke........

you really need to see what board you do have any way, as gigabyte 18/24 months ago started releasing mobo's with dual bios, which meant that if you did manage to completely screwup on the bios flash, the back up bios would kick in and you would still have a working system. something to bear in mind for any future cpu upgrade.

  Stuartli 00:18 02 Aug 05

Isn't that exactly the point I made about backing up the current bios...:-)

Furthermore it's a lot longer than 18/24 months ago. I thought my recently purchased (but still new OEM version) Gigabyte 6VX7-4X had the feature after the company orginally announced it in Press releases (still provided on its website) shortly before its launch, only to learn differently when I acquired it.

My mobo is capable of taking Tualatin PentiumIIIs up to 1.4MHz, which should give you an idea of how old it is...:-)

  ACOLYTE 00:42 02 Aug 05

Yeah my Mobo has dual bios,and a utility that downloads the latest bios for you,backs up the old bios and installs the new one,its a good thing to have,But i would agree with the rest if your pc works ok now then dont bother with the upgrade,just because its out of date.

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