Do I need a back-up disc?

  swoosh 19:31 30 Oct 05

If I happen to get a major virus on my PC and need to wipe the whole lot should I have a copy of Windows to re-install? No software came with the PC when I bought it, Windows XP SP2 was already loaded on but I've been told I should have a copy of the Windows software.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:03 30 Oct 05

Did your PC come with a method of creating a restore disk? Many do these days.

It may also have something along the lines of a hidden partition that can be used.

Certainly you will need something to reinstall Windows.

  ade.h 20:06 30 Oct 05

Yes, you should have a Recovery CD at the least. I absolutely hate this new Microsoft policy of not providing vendors with full OEM CDs, as it encourages them to use things like hidden recovery partitions, which are of limited value if a hard-disk fails or something similarly catastrophic. Most vendors provide a Recovery CD, but apparently not often enough.

I think that your best course of action is to make some investment and organise a good backup routine using an external or removable destination.

Imaging software like Acronis will be useful, and whether you backup to external HDD or DVD-RW is influenced by your budget.

  stalion 20:09 30 Oct 05
  swoosh 20:11 30 Oct 05

Thanks, I'll look into the Recovery CD issue with the suppliers of the PC. If no joy I will have to get about the issue of backing up what I can.

  swoosh 20:13 30 Oct 05

Not a bad price too, worth getting in either case. Nice one stalion.

  Jackcoms 16:29 31 Oct 05

Is you PC a Dell?

They seem to have a new policy of NOT supplying a Windows disk but they do give you instructions on how to burn your own copy of Windows onto a CD.

I recently bought a new Dell Inspiron and that's what I did. Seems a bit 'mean' of Dell for the cost of a CD but I least I now have my Windows CD!

  swoosh 23:14 31 Oct 05

No it's not a Dell but I'm certainly going to get Windows backed up on disc as soon as I can before any mishaps.

  ventanas 12:41 01 Nov 05

I bought an Inspiron last week, and didn't find any instructions to make a cd. You couldn't point me in the right direction could you please.

  Jackcoms 13:58 01 Nov 05

It may not apply to your Inspiron as it only covers models shipped between 10 January and 15 July of this year.

Nevertheless, try click here and click on Item 3 under 'Table of Contents'.

  ventanas 16:31 01 Nov 05

Thank you very much, sorry I didn't get back sooner.

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