Do i need antivirus (Avast) aswell as MSE?

  buel 01 Apr 12

Hi, My notebook has microsoft security essentials, do i need Avast/other antivirus too, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Apr 12


two antivirus programs will clash and cause severe problems.

You can backup MSE with more antimalware to get extra security (but don't overdo it)

SpywareBlaster as a blocker

and the free version of Malwarebytes to do a weekly scan just to double check MSE is working correctly will give you a good level of coverage

  Zak 01 Apr 12

No, you should only have 1 antivirus running in real time, otherwise there are most likely conflicts and no benefit - again most likely system slow down or even lock-up.

IMO best to stick with microsoft security essentials.

  buel 01 Apr 12

Thanks for that!! Ok, next question- MSE or Avast?

  bremner 01 Apr 12

You will get votes for each undoubtedly as they are much of a muchness - personally I would have MSE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Apr 12

XP Avast

Vista or W7 stick with MSE

  rdave13 01 Apr 12

XP,Vista or 7 I'd go for Avast.

  Woolwell 01 Apr 12

Interesting responses. A recent edition of a rival mag put AVG at the top of the freebies. I've recently uninstalled MSE from a Vista laptop as I found that MSE was slow to update and I had the impression that it slowed system start up.

  buel 06 Apr 12

Thanks for all the help. My gf has a vista laptop and has AVG and Win Patrol working at the same time, her laptop is slower than it should be but she also has SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes which she runs scans on every week.

My plan is to uninstall Win Patrol? And exchange AVG for Avast because i thought i read that Avast is 'lighter' on processing power?

  onthelimit1 06 Apr 12

AVG 2012 is not as bad as earlier versions. I'd go for MSE but, as others have said, Avast is fine. Don't expect a Vista laptop to be as fast as an XP one - that's one reason why W7 came out so quickly!

  buel 06 Apr 12

Thank you. What about Win Patrol running at the same time? And is Avast supposed to be less processor-hungry than AVG?


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