Do I Need Adware / Malware

  Tinker Bell 15:34 13 Aug 08

Can someone confirm for me please, I have Kaspersky Internet Security installed, do I need any further adware / malware protection?

  Technotiger 15:37 13 Aug 08

I don't use Kaspersky myself, but yes, you are fully protected, you do not need any further anti-everything programs.

  RobCharles1981 15:37 13 Aug 08
  woodchip 15:40 13 Aug 08

I go with Technotiger there are too many anti-everything programs and can create as many problems as they solve

  PC Bilbo 15:47 13 Aug 08

The latest Kaspersky Internet Security gives good overall protection but no single programme can guarantee to catch 100%.

It can do no harm to add a second spyware programme as added insurance.

I use Tenebril Express click here
This free programme updates definitions automatically.


A Squared Free click here

Javacool Spware Blaster click here

  Tinker Bell 17:10 13 Aug 08

Thanks folks, I believe I'm now sorted.

Cheers everyone.

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