do I loose all my data if I reinstall windows xp?

  james1965 11:36 10 Apr 05

If I reinstall XP on my laptop does it remove all my previous work?

  Cuddles 11:47 10 Apr 05

Yes you will have to save any work on there that you need to keep.

  LastChip 11:48 10 Apr 05

Your work should then be safe, but if you can get into the machine, it's always better to back it up first.

  Indigo 1 11:48 10 Apr 05

You should not lose anything but to be safe just make backup copies of the important stuff.

\why would you need to re-install Windows though ?

  Indigo 1 11:49 10 Apr 05

3 Replies in the space of 1 minute, that's pretty good for free !

  james1965 12:56 10 Apr 05

My computer will not boot up!! When I start it a box with "Issas.exe error" appears. If it clear the error box the laptop closes down again!

I have tried the repair option on the OS recovery disc but that has not worked - i thought a new installtion would fix it - but i do not want to loose all my previous work!

  LastChip 13:08 10 Apr 05

Reinstalling XP without formatting the drive may not resolve the issue and if you reformat the drive, you will loose all your work.

Does the laptop have a floppy drive?

  Stuartli 13:14 10 Apr 05

This sounds like a virus. See:

click here

for instance.

Otherwise you could try the repair option (some advice at):

click here

click here

  james1965 13:18 10 Apr 05

It does have a floppy drive

  james1965 13:26 10 Apr 05

By the way - I am obviously using another computer at the moment!

  LastChip 13:36 10 Apr 05

Do you have an up to date anti-virus program on your good machine?

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