Do I Load Drivers First, Help Please?

  Green 1 02:49 19 Sep 06

Please can you help me as I`m not very techie, I have just bought a new comp` and want to use my old Intelliemouse and printer, when I bought them the man in the shop told me what to do but since then I have forgotten, do I load the drivers first then plug in the mouse and printer or the other way round? I know to many of you good people this will seem a silly request but as I said I`m not very techie, Many thanks for any replies I may get.

  Faser 03:17 19 Sep 06

Plug in the mouse before you start the PC, it should find and install using the built in Windows drivers. You may want to load the Intelliemouse drivers later if you find some of the features are missing.

All the printers I have come across will need the drivers loaded before connecting. Personally I would go to the manufactures website and download the latest drivers for your printer. Much less chance of problems and essential using a different operating system, for example if you had Win.97 before.

  bpzoom 12:07 19 Sep 06

XP Home freshly loaded from XP CD ROM and SP2 plus all updates downloaded on to reformatted partition C: On many, but not every occasion that I boot from a cold start, the boot fails with C:\windows\system\config.sys is either missing or corrupt. Attempt a repair etc etc. I am convinced the said file is neither missing nor corrupt. I think it may be some sort of timing error. By pressing any key it then goes on to boot and loads Windows and everything proceeds normally. Does anyone have an opinion on the cause of this glitch and how to get rid of it please?

  iscanut 12:15 19 Sep 06

You are in the wrong thread !!

  Strawballs 12:18 19 Sep 06

Faser win.97???

  cowboy62 12:26 19 Sep 06

it depend on the printer i have an epsom adn it require the printer to be conected but not turned on untill the software asks for it during installation of the drivers

  Stuartli 14:19 19 Sep 06

Usually USB devices require the software to be installed first - you are advised when to connect the device.

  Green 1 02:02 20 Sep 06

Many thanks for the replies, you have all been very helpful, it`s nice to know that some people are good enough to help others with much less knowledge, once again thank you.

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