Do I have a virus?

  deking 15:09 21 Jul 03

Sometime back, received a floppy, which when inserted into my laptop, showed a desktop icon, and a folder.htt icon.
After transferring files from this floppy onto my laptop, every folder that I have opened since then shows the same.
Now even if a new floppy is inserted, after a few seconds, the same two icons appear on the window.
Deleting them gets rid of them but the next time the same thing happens all over again.
Have since gone through find, have typed in folder.htt, found all of them and deleted them.
Did the same for the desktop, but get an error message saying:
The file 'desktop' is a system file.
If you remove it, your computer or one of your programs may no longer work correctly. Are you sure you want to move it to the recycle bin?
Also every folder in my computer has these same two icons.

  andyb4u1 15:21 21 Jul 03
  deking 15:32 21 Jul 03

thanks andyb4u1, but i do not have a internet connection on my laptop.

  Jester2K II 15:41 21 Jul 03

Sounds like you have "show all files" on - folder.htt is a system file. Delete it and it will come back. The reason you didn't see them before was becuase your friend has probably left show all files on.

What verison Windows??

  deking 15:58 21 Jul 03

Thanks Jester2k II, I have windows 98.

  Smiler 16:22 21 Jul 03

What files did you transfer to your laptop. Were there any *.exe files that you ran after copying to the laptop. These are the type that would have released a virus.

  deking 16:28 21 Jul 03

Thanks Smiler, but cannot really say for sure.
Whe i open dektop,have about 6 lines written on it.Begining with the following line enclosed in brackets.

  deking 16:30 21 Jul 03

the 5th line says:
does this mean anything?

  deking 16:34 21 Jul 03

If i put down exactly what it says in the desktop and pot it in this section, will it be okay?

  keith-236785 18:30 21 Jul 03

If Jester2K II's tip doesnt work, then try turning off Active Desktop, see if that helps.

  deking 09:43 22 Jul 03

Thanks paperman27 tried turning it off, but did not help. Turned off show all files also, and is good, but on insertion of a good floopy, the same two files are written onto the new disk.
Is thids normal? Have never seen it happen before.

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