do i have to save as .png in fireworks??

  Superstylin 08:26 15 May 05

hi i'm working on my first website, getting through it mainly by trial and error! i'm trying to modify an image in fireworks, the original image is .gif but when i modify and go save or save as, the only file type it allows me to save as is the fireworks .png

why?? and how do i save as a gif??

  harristweed 09:17 15 May 05

Fireworks only SAVES in png.

However you can EXPORT in lots of formats!
Export from the file menu or ctrl+shift+R

  Superstylin 09:22 15 May 05

cheers harristweed....though out of interest, why the two? how is export different from save? why wouldn't macromedia just use save?

  harristweed 12:47 15 May 05

I think that save 'remembers' the folder that the png file was saved in and export does the same for the exported jpg or gif etc. So you can save masters in one location and then export files to another location without the need to keep finding the correct folder.

  pmorff 02:59 16 May 05

Fireworks saves in its native format PNG so that you can go back and edit the original image, especially if you are using any advanced design styles or applications.
If you use software such as Photoshop or paintshop pro you can "save as" and select any format you want but you loose the ability to go back and edit the layers unless you save the image in the original Photoshop or Paintshop format.
By having the ability to save as and not realise this can be frustrating when you want to edit the image at a future date.

PNG images can be used on the web but they are a larger file size than GIFs or JPEGs.
The virtue of PNGs is that any transparency and colour depth in an image will be kept. Also PNG images are not loosy, i.e. they can be resized without any loss of quality.
GIF images flatten to roughly 216 colours and JPEGs will loose their quality if the image size is increased.

It can be frustrating at first using Fireworks because it is different to other imaging software but you will come to appreciate in time.

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