Do I have Java on my computer ?

  timothywilliam 20:15 11 Aug 07

I run XP and have files in BtDigital Vault. A few weeks ago BT upgraded their Digital Vault and since then I cannot get a list of my files and thus use the Vault. My files are locked inside. I am having a bit of a tussle with them because they do not appear to know what to do about it and keep blaming my computer and not their upgade. So far they have had me alter something in a session cookie window and they have also told me to delete all my cookies and re-instal IE. I won't do this as nothing has changed on my computer. Now they say they cannot do anything unless I download Java, the other issues appear to be a non-event. I don't know what they mean by this and I do not know whether I have Java on my Computer. They will tell me if I pay them apparantly !! Can you believe it ? So my question is to you knowledgable ones - how can I find out whether I have Java installed on my computer ?

  octal 20:16 11 Aug 07

Try this click here

  octal 20:17 11 Aug 07

This one will test Java Sun click here

  woodchip 20:20 11 Aug 07

Why not just do a Restore to time before Update, Then get your info out and put it some where else

  Pamy 20:23 11 Aug 07

just download it from click here

  timothywilliam 20:34 11 Aug 07

Hello Octal,

Thank you for your (immediate !) response. I have gone to the Java site as you suggest and carried out their checks and everything that should be enabled is. So I will get back to BT yet again. Thanks for your help, I couldn't have done that myself.

  timothywilliam 20:40 11 Aug 07

Hewllo Woodchip,

Would you believ My System Restore will not complete either. Works but will not complete. See my reply to System Restore Problem by Meshuga which I posted today. Coincidence or what ?

  woodchip 20:47 11 Aug 07

Have you been in touch with BT about the problem?

  timothywilliam 20:54 11 Aug 07

Hello Woodchip and Pamy,

Yes I have but they don't appear to have a solution.

Pamy, going to your site suggestion now !

  penholder 18:54 19 Aug 07

Am also using BT's Digital Vault and have had problems which BT have sorted, but it took months. It was a firewall problem.
I now have a problem with Java in that I cannot upload files to the vault, using drag and drop.
The Java icon will not stay in the system tray. However if I open and close the Java Control Panel, the Java icon stays in the system tray and then, sometimes, the Java applet will run and I can upload using drag and drop.
I thought there was a problem with the digital vault software. So called BT. The advisor told me, very abruptly, they do not support Java.
Why is it so difficult to download Java and for it to work?

  Stuartli 19:03 19 Aug 07

Java is very simple to download and it works as and when required.

You can find out what versions of Java you have by going to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and seeing if it is listed in the Programs lineup.

You should preferably uninstall earlier versions from Add/Remove and then download the latest version from Pamy's link or from here:

click here

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