do 3 pay as you go sim cards come with any money?

  GEEKSTA 19:29 26 Mar 07

Do new 3 pay as you go come with any money on the sim card??

  mattyc_92 19:34 26 Mar 07

I believe they come with £1 credit as do other large Pay-as-you-Go companies do

Don't quote me on this though, as I have NEVER had a 3 mobile (some of my friends do, but all on contracts)

  GEEKSTA 22:28 29 Mar 07

thanks, i got my sim card and turns out that theres £10 on it!!!


  mattyc_92 15:29 30 Mar 07

Now I want to be on 3, just for the £10 credit

Oh well.... Maybe my next phone

  GEEKSTA 21:27 01 Apr 07

plus you get paid 5p fro every minute someone rings you and 3p for every txt you recive!!!
its called "we pay"!!!

!! IT'S NO JOKE !!


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