robo30 18:43 08 Nov 09

I have had my DMR-EX75EB for some time now and want to set up a home cinema system. I also want the system to be a music center that I can stream music too, from my PC.

Can any one advise the best solution for this as I am not too technical nor it seams the staff at the couple of shops I visited today asking the same question. They want to sell me another DVD system.


  johnnyrocker 19:38 08 Nov 09

not a computer problem then?


  robo30 21:26 08 Nov 09

I take your point Johnny, it got my inital advise about this unit from this forum from googleing, maybe I should goto a more music/home entertainment orinentated forum?

  eedcam 22:33 08 Nov 09

Hi you could start here there is also adrop down list at the bottom you should find waht you need there
click here

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