D.loaded SP1 for Vista but is slower than before??

  buel 19:16 22 Nov 09

Hi, thanks to everyone on here i finally managed to download SP1 for my friend's Vista laptop but im sure it has now slowed the laptop down?
My boot up time is 20seconds slower and 50 seconds slower overall and now it sounds/seems like the hard drive is busy for quite a while after it boots up..i've heard that sp1 slows up pcs before and i have half a mind to get it back to how it was! My queries are:
1, am i right in thinking that sp1 is known to slow down pcs?
2, is there a way to roll back to before sp1 and if so, do the pros outweigh the cons? (i believ sp1 makes vista safer?)
3, if i did roll it back, would i lose any data/changes i've made to Microsoft Word docs etc?

  woodchip 19:18 22 Nov 09

MS updates have been like that since windows 98se

  buel 20:09 22 Nov 09

Have they? GoddAMMIT!!Do you think it is worth rolling it back? Would system restore do it?

  woodchip 21:51 22 Nov 09

Restore will do it but what about security threats?

  I am Spartacus 21:52 22 Nov 09

It's likely that the update has wiped the Superfetch cache. Give it a few days or so and it will refresh.

  Woolwell 10:32 23 Nov 09

I wouldn't go back as woodchip states SP1 gives greater security.

  User-1229748 10:40 23 Nov 09

as i am spartacus suggests,i would give it a few days to sort itself out.it will definately improve.

  buel 11:06 23 Nov 09

Hi again, ok the laptop is now asking to update to SP2, what should i do please? (im afraid of it slowing up again you see!!)

  Woolwell 11:09 23 Nov 09

The same arguments and answers apply.

  User-1229748 11:12 23 Nov 09

i may be wrong but i'm sure i saw somewhere that defragging is a good idea before installing service packs and prepping with disk cleaner and the like.may be a good idea especially if you only just installed sp1

  buel 11:27 23 Nov 09

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!! What a great bit of advice, even if it isn't the answer, it can not do any harm can it?
Thank you!!

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