a DLL as a APP ???

  Chronos 09:42 30 Apr 04

hi..everytime i start the PC, from the zonealarm, i get a box come up with....

"do you want to allow RUN a DLL as an APP to access the internet"

could someone please tell me in english what it is.

I have always clicked NO..


  Peverelli 11:08 30 Apr 04

Have a little read of this lot: click here

  Chronos 11:17 30 Apr 04

thanks very much, dont know how you found that, but i did spend ages looking for clues, before i wrote in....i will tick it as a permanant "no"

thanks again..

  Peverelli 13:17 30 Apr 04

Google is king!! All I did was to type in "run +a dll as an app" (including quote marks) into Google's search box and the page I sent you to was the first one Google found. ;O)

  byfordr 13:20 30 Apr 04

I think it could be a virus or trojan...

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