DLA Update?

  Sirpad 10:57 15 Dec 05

I just got a pop-up from Update Manager saying it had the following update.

DLA Update 4.98 (9.27mb).

I take it this is Drive Letter ACcess.

Should I go ahead and install the update?

  uisquebeathus 13:38 15 Dec 05

What software or operating system is the update for, unless you know for sure ignore it and see what happens, Popups can be installed by a few spyware and trojans noe, I had one two days ago asking me to connect to a web site for updates to codecs installed on my computer but the codecs and the popup update site were not the same, later I found out it was a flyby from the web site I was on trying to get me to entrap my browser BHO
do you have an update manager installed and if so what is the name of it ?

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