DL DVD Burner

  laurie53 11:24 15 Sep 08

My DVD drive has become very flaky on eject, only working intermittently.

I can get it open using the old paperclip trick, but after a few operations it locks again.

Is there a quick fix (I don't mind going inside) or should I junk it?

  laurie53 19:53 15 Sep 08


  eedcam 20:00 15 Sep 08

Have you gone inside and checked the connections

  MAJ 20:15 15 Sep 08

They're not much money and life's too short, I would dump it and get a new model, laurie53.

  DieSse 22:24 15 Sep 08

It's often a cracked or stretched drive belt.

If you feel adventurous, go inside and have a look.

Drive belts you will need to get from a serviceman who repairs VCRs and the like. There's catalogues for drive belts over an inch thick - so don't hold you breath whilst looking for one.

With the latest DVD recorders only costing €20 over here now - you may decide it's not worth it!

  DieSse 22:26 15 Sep 08

If it's a laptop, (and you can try the same with a full size one) - I often find it simpler to open by right-clicking the drive icon, and selecting Eject.

The drive icon is in My Computer, and you can put a short cut to it on the desktop if you wish.

  laurie53 06:34 16 Sep 08

Thanks for the responses.

With nothing to lose I'll have a look inside - I've never been in one yet.

I don't use it to its full potential that often anyway, and as I have a DL burner available on a laptop I might wait until Blu ray burners come down a bit in price.

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