DKeeperLite slow...

  wotbus@ 16:51 28 Feb 07

When I run DKeeperLite on a friends computer, with a relatively small amount of fragmented files, it takes forever to complete! The HDD is FAT32 - is this relevant? Any other reasons it should/could be so slow?

  wotbus@ 16:54 28 Feb 07

PS It's not a large HDD and there is lots of spare capacity. Plenty of RAM and 2G CPU. Not much data on it either, which is just average stuff.

  anskyber 17:10 28 Feb 07

It may be a coincidence but on my laptop which is FAT32 is grinds along but skips through on my NTFS PC.

  wotbus@ 17:14 28 Feb 07

OK thanks. I don't think it's a coincidence as this is the only time I have had this problem! Cheers.

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